Shariful Islam

Android App & Library Developer

My Apps and Libraries

Simple Messenger App

This is a text messenger application using Firebase real-time database.

App features

  • Simple Design
  • Light and Fast
  • Real-Time data exchange

App informations

  • Language : Kotlin
  • Server & Database : Firebase
  • Platform : Android

Aawaj App Store

This application we are (a contributor MD Sabbir) created like google play store with web console. The web link

App features

  • Publish android app
  • Download and Rating app
  • Easy to use

App informations

  • Language : Kotlin and JAVA
  • Server & Database : PHP-MySQL and Pippo
  • Platform : Android, Web

Schedule, Note and To-Do

This application used to write a weekly work schedule, To-Do, and personal text notes.

App features

  • Schedule, Note, To-Do gadget
  • Highly setting control
  • Lock Screen

App informations

  • Language : JAVA
  • Server & Database : SQLite
  • Platform : Android

TutorDot Social App

This is a social platform for students and teachers with job posts, messenger, call and mail features.

App features

  • Search Teacher
  • Job Post
  • Call, Message, Mail

App informations

  • Language : JAVA
  • Server & Database : PHP-MySQL and SQLite
  • Platform : Android

Simple ToDo App

This application used to note the simple to-do list of our daily work.

App features

  • Light and Dark Theme
  • Rearrange ToDo List
  • Easy to use

App informations

  • Language : JAVA
  • Server & Database : Pippo
  • Platform : Android

Server Library

Server is a light and fast library that makes networking for Android apps very simple. It is designed for transfer data between the Android app and server.

Server offers the following benefits :

  • It's light and fast.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Send data as Boolean, Integer, Float, Double, String, JSONArray and JSONObject.
  • Receive data as String, JSONArray or JSONObject.
  • Awesome methods and 100% controls.

Pippo Database

Android new NoSQL database.
Preparing documentation. Coming soon...


App Design

Beside developing app I also work for beautiful UI/Ux design of Android App.

Apps Development

This is my main profession to build a wonderful android app that you need indeed.

Library Development

I also create an Android library and module to do a special task in your android app.


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